What is actually a “Kiebitzfenster”?


As Kiebitzfenster refers to a special Austrian windows form from the late 18th century.
It is an outwardly projecting window box that allows a wider viewing angle.
This typical Austrian window was in the late 19th and early 20th century widespread in the Danube region, to the Black Sea.
Today you can find this Kiebitzfenster even in some regions of Serbia, as well in Belgrade.
'Kiebitz” is also a term for an observer / viewer of playing a chess or cards in the Viennese Circles. This “kiebitzer”may under no circumstances verbal or non-verbal comments to the current gameplay - in fact, they may say nothing, watching silently standing.
'Kibicovati' in Serbian means "Posmatrati sa zadovoljstvom druge pri igranju karata, radoznalo posmatrati, uopšte, merkati." (Watch with pleasure, like the others play the cards generally,to curiously observe, to flirt.)


Kibitzfensta as a state of mind.


Kibitzfensta in our 'Serbian' notation is a position from which one can seemingly sure to observe the world outside. You look for a wide field, but you remain hidden behind the curtains. Invisible and passive. However, security is deceptive and misleading. The observers are not immediately clear,that they are exposed to observation,too.
You can not take a passive role in your life.
Participate means sharing.
Sharing means to be open.
Open the Kibitzfenster and be active.


KIBITZFENSTA is a unique concept of a cultural center of Kibietzfenster countries, especially in  Serbia, Austria and Germany. With the intention to open up and invite to take part in cross-border interaction. With a focus on contemporary art and artists of every genre.

The first KIBITZFENSTA opened in Belgrade.

A 'Viennese' coffee house in Belgrade as a place of encounter and exchange with bookstore, gallery, workshops and concerts.
Recorded by artists such as Stjepko Gut, Boris Kovač, Dusko Gojković, Emir Kusturica, Stefan Milenkovic, Mirko Ilić and ...
Kiebitz is also a bird.

The Kiebitz/ Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) is a monotypic species of bird in the family of Plover (Charadriidae).